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WISE Calculator - Financing Cost Estimate

P.L. 2017, c. 71, Section 2 requires the NJIB, in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP"), to provide a Local Government Unit ("LGU") seeking to finance at least $1 million to construct an environmental infrastructure project with:

  • (i)A description of the priority system used by the DEP in awarding financing under the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (the "Financing Program"). The description of the priority system for the current fiscal year is set forth in detail in the annual publication of the DEP, State Fiscal Year Priority System and Project Priority List ("January Report") (click here to view the Priority System for the current fiscal year); and
  • (ii)A Financing Cost Estimate ("FCE") comparison of the cost of financing the project through the I-Bank and DEP's joint Financing Program versus independently through the LGU's own bond process.

To generate the FCE Report, please complete the requested information and click "Calculate Report." The FCE Report will be produced immediately and available for printing.

P.L. 2017, c. 71, also directs that, beginning November 7, 2017, any local government or Authority wishing to independently finance an environmental infrastructure project costing at least $1 million, must present a copy of the FCE Report to the Director of the Division of Local Government Services or the Local Finance Board, respectively, as part of their review process. The FCE is not required to be submitted by LGUs who intend to finance their environmental projects through the Financing Program. Please consult your bond counsel for further details.

Water Infrastructure Savings Enabling (WISE) Calculator

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Estimated at 3% of Building Construction Cost
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Lesser of the project's useful life or thirty (30) years
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The WISE calculator should be used only as an estimate of projected financing costs.